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We love dapper men’s styling and we love to see the incredibly stylish posts on Instagram by Dappertude. So we asked one of our monthly style-fash winners Lauren Reid, to find out more about them.  Here’s Lauren’s Q and A with Dappertude’s founder Johnny Li.

What is “Dappertude”?

Dappertude’s name comes from the culture of dapper attitude, which is a representation of the ideal gentleman – how they act, communicate and present themselves.

We believe that a man’s appearance is the first thing an observer sees and so Dappertude aims to guide men onto the right path in their appearance with the fundamental accessories of a dapper gent.


Can you give us an overview of your own back story and that of the business?

I always was a person who liked to stand out of the crowd in terms of fashion and wear brands that weren’t available in Australia. Around 10 yrs ago, I was already wearing street brands like Supreme, Bathing Ape, Original Fake because Australia didn’t have them and for me it felt good to be different.

As the years went by my style started to move from street to suits (due to work) and that’s where the pocket squares started to come in. I remember wearing this so called “pocket square” on a night out and that’s where the magic began. People were asking me where I go it from and I was receiving compliments from people I didn’t know. It was such a great feeling and that’s when I decided I want to share this feeling with other men. Such a small investment can bring so much joy.


What makes up your product line?

Dappertude’s product line consists of accessories which can help gentlemen bring out their Dapper Attitude in their appearance. The four fundamental accessories which we think are most important are pocket squares, lapel pins, ties and tie clips. These four will always be available, whereas our seasonal accessories are more varied.


Who is your style inspiration? And do you have a go-to outfit formula?

I don’t think there is a specific person whom I look up to for style inspiration, but rather a “what”, which is the different cultures in the world. My inspiration comes from a mix and match of gentlemen from America, United Kingdom, Korea & Japan because I believe each person has their own style and the “who” should only be a guide – it’s only up to you to create your own.

Go-to outfit formula you ask….mmmm…..for me it’s easy.

First, I would think of what makes me look & feel good, which is definitely a double breasted blazer.
Secondly, I pick a pair of shoes which is normally tassel loafers, that will go with the suit colour
Lastly, I won’t walk out the door without a pocket square. If I left the house without one I would feel totally naked.

Regarding the colour, I always go for exciting and crazy colours which do not match my suit/shirt colour because that’s what a pocket square is supposed to do; it’s supposed to draw the attention of the viewer’s eyes to them.


Who is your customer? And who would be your ideal customer, if you could pick anyone in the world?

Everyone, no matter what they look like, if they want to stand out and gain respect from others then they are my customer. Even if they have little knowledge of what to match a pocket square with then the dappertudists can be a guide to them.

My ideal customer would be the man who knows nothing about fashion… do you know why?
It’s because when you’re the brand that introduces them into this new “dapper” world, they will be grateful for what you have helped them achieve.


What makes Australian men dapper and how could they up their Dappertude?

That is a good question, what actually makes Australian men dapper…….. Appearance-wise I think we are confident in what we wear and we show pride in our appearance and this makes us dapper in our own ways, but of cause this does not apply to all Australian men. For those who want to up their dappertude, I would definitely recommend firstly to invest more time in researching what dapper styles they are interested in and secondly, just go out and shop….. look around and see what’s actually out there. It might take time to make your first pocket square purchase but let me tell you, it will be the best investment you have ever made, and it definitely will not be the last pocket square.


I saw that Dappertude has a group of “Dappertudists”, can you explain how this came about and what’s the reason behind it?

The Dappertudists are a brotherhood of gentlemen who are inspirations to others; they all have a passion for the dapper style and want to guide others onto the right path. Besides being inspirational to the public, The Dappertudists are a part of a unique culture and friendship circle. I try to organize meet ups and collaborations for everyone because you don’t really know what someone is like from looking at their Instagram photos until you actually meet them.


What’s next for Dappertude?

Well, in July Dappertude will be holding our first seminar in Sydney to educate and guide men onto the right path of the Dapper Attitude through their appearance, with guest speakers from local brands and Instagram influencers. It will definitely be an eye opener for anyone who is into the dapper style.

Editor’s Note: We’ve seen the line-up for Dappertude’s seminar on men’s styling and the guest speakers have a combined following of over 100,000.  This’ll definitely be one not to miss!



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