International Trends – This Week on the Street


With so many of us spending more time indoors this week, we’re looking overseas to see what’s trending on the international street style scene. Always a predictor of what’s about to catch on down under, here are the trends that have caught our eye this week on the the street.


The Tracksuit

We’re seeing a triumphant return to fashion consciousness of the tracksuit in the last couple of years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. We’re not complaining – this might just be the most comfortable trend of all time! Always an indicator of what’s soon to catch on down-under, if we’re seeing it O/S, forget tracky-daks and think athleisure wear with heels.


Coats As Dresses

Unpredictable weather calls for the ultimate trans-seasonal style. We love the 60’s mod vibe that comes with a belted coat at mini length paired with killer accessories.

refinery 29 ss paris

DIY Shirts

Sometimes, you gotta take matters into your own hands. It wouldn’t be a fashion week anywhere in the world without a few attendees sporting DIY modified shirts. Use an iron-on print or just wreak havoc on your garms with a sharpie, anything goes.


The Boilersuit

Separates giving you trouble? Enter the tracksuit’s utilitarian cousin, the boilersuit. Pair with combat boots for a military day-time look and turn things up a notch with a stiletto for cocktail hour.

Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018 : Day Three

High-Waisted Trousers

Typically, the g0-to silhouette for men has been that of the low-slung trouser, whether skin-tight or super baggy. Street style coverage over the last couple of weeks is showing that high-rise waists on men are, well, on the rise!


Subtle Statements

Loud slogan tees are one thing, but getting the message across with minimal and unexpected statements is another. Somehow, we’re finding the latter more eye catching of late.


The Casual Co-ord

Sure, men have long embraced coordinates as far as formal wear goes – but it looks as though the European summer has encouraged a more playful take on the co-ord. The bolder the print, the better!

Street Style: June 19 - Milan Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018

More next week from an Aussie street near you!




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