Saturday, May 28, 2022

Why Individual Style is So Important

Sorting Your Individual Look Through Fashion and Style

When it comes to looking good, your individual fashion and style choices have never been so important. While trends come and go, developing self-expression is key.

Making your presence felt in a room is always about the HOW. How you present yourself, how your pair your garments, how you accessorise, how you tuck or belt. It’s about HOW you wear it. It’s rarely about the clothes themselves. Wearing something from Chanel’s latest collection isn’t going to make a dollop of difference if you don’t know how to pull it off.  That’s where individual style comes in. That well-worn phrase fashion is what you wear, style is how you wear it has never resonated more than now, with the current bombardment of trends in both fashion and style.

Your individual style is about so much more than seeming to be ‘on trend’.

Without getting carried away and launching into a Miranda Priestly style monologue about the machinations of the fashion industry and its inescapable influence on the choices you make, here are three reasons why your individual style is so important.

Identity Exploration

The Importance of Personal Style

Your personal fashion and style choices are a playground for understanding your ever-evolving sense of self. This is probably clearest in the choices you made throughout your teenage years, which might tell a (painfully un-chic) story about your interests and the development of your inner world. While there will undoubtedly be the occasional fashion trend that causes the immediate and frenzied typing of your Afterpay login details, your style at its core has little to do with accumulating new pieces.

The evolution of your personal preferences in fashion and style is as much about working out who you are as it is about how you are going to express yourself to those around you through the way you look.

Making an Impression

The Importance of Personal Style

Whichever aspect of your identity and individuality  you want to put out to the world on any given day relies largely on your fashion and style choices. Sure, it sucks to think you might be judged on first impressions and all that, but this also presents a world of possibilities. While you can’t control how society perceives particular expressions of fashion and style at any given time, you can have some degree of agency in the impression you make through your style choices. There is great power in knowing how to tap into different expressions of self, and personal style is one of the most effective ways to do so.

Look Good, Feel Good

The Importance of Personal Style

It’s no secret that what we wear influences our mood and how we hold ourselves. When you’re in tune with your own individual style, your outfit choices can feel like the armour that will help you conquer the day. Confidence is key in order to be your best self. If it serves you to blend in, stand out, or slip into a different persona on any given day, then go right ahead.

To express visually what we cannot verbally is a wonderful thing. If you align your fashion and style choices with your true self, you’ll be better off for it. And all the while you’ll be contributing to a culture of self-expression rather than one that values and perpetuates ephemeral trends.


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