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How to Revive Your Hairstyle with These 80s Looks

80s Hairstyles

We know that every era has its inevitable comeback, and as we look back at photos of 80s hairstyles gone wrong, there’s no denying that the 80’s were a serious offender when it came to hairstyle sins.

Though decades have passed, it seems like this year is becoming the year where 80’s styles come back in fashion – thankfully not to haunt us! There’s a new lease on the 80’s styles that have hairdressers cringing the world over; thankfully as a society we know a lot more about hair health and providing a modern take on these historical looks.

Taking all of the positive elements out of 80’s hairstyles like volume for the Gods, curls for days and the reinvented mullet, it’s time to add these styles to reinvigorate your tired hair routine and come out on the town looking like you’ve slayed the latest runway! Here are some of the styles you’ll be emulating. The rules are the same, just give them a modern twist by following our instructions…

Keeping it Shaggy

Tina Turner Shaggy Hair

You’ve probably seen a few AFL players don the new look mullet, but did you know women are pulling this look off too? The modernised mullet, also known as the shag or wolf cut is all about recreating the ‘business in the front, party in the back’ moniker that took the 80’s by storm. This look is bringing layering, texture and edge that revamps an earllier style into the 21st century with bells on – choice!

Perm is the Word

Melbourne Fashion Festival

If you want to dive right into the deep end, nothing screams 1985 more than a perm! While back in the day perms were quite tight and untouched after a trip to the salon, this contemporary style is taking a softer, subtle approach. Make the perm your own and talk to your stylist about how it will suit your hair – you can take it down a notch or go bang-busters with this look! Gnarly.

Big Summer Blowout

Farah Fawcett

Volume is key to recreating your favourite 80’s looks, and the blow out is the queen. To bring this look to modern day, try blowing out your bangs to add full body and bounce to your everyday vibe. If blow drying your own hair is a bit OTT, there are plenty of hairstyling blow dryer brushes out there that can help. Plus you can always bring the blow out down with a serum and slick your hair back for a gorgeous soft and silky aesthetic.

Pimp My Crimp

Janet Jackson 80's hairstyle

The hot iron was hardly unplugged in the 80’s as crimping your hair was all the rage, you couldn’t skate to the mall in your Keds without being crimp-o-matic! Today, the crimp style lives on but in a new light. This time it features softer, less tight waves that offer a natural flow while still looking totally tubular! With plenty of easy to use tools that offer a soft crimped vibe, remember to play around with your hair part and add some spray for extra volume.

The Scrunch is Real

Madonna 80's hairstyle

The adorable, nostalgic scrunchie has been making a comeback over the past few years, with us all embracing the trend. New patterns, fabrics and sizes offer scrunchies to suit any occasion. If you want to take your bedtime scrunchie out on the town, add it to your slicked back, big curls ponytail look or go for a no-effort-but-ages-to-master-bun! With so many options to choose from, scrunchies are the rad reinvented way to bring your 80’s look together.

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