How to Navigate Your Way Through Cocktail Revolution


If you’re new to Cocktail Revolution and are not yet sure how we work, it’s simple really.  We don’t decide who’s got Australia’s favourite style and fashion look. Nor do the fashion houses. Nor do the countless sponsored but undeclared accounts on Instagram. Dont get us wrong – we love Insta!  But we’re focussed on what YOU really think about Aussie style and fashion and that’s why we’ve dedicated our pages to you.  We’re out there snapping you in the street, and then it’s up to you to choose which one of you is liked the most for your style and fashion, out of all the photos we publish in a month.

The photo gallery changes weekly, and after that you can no longer vote for people in that week. A new gallery of photos is then posted and you can vote again if you like.  The person with the most votes wins.


Make sure first of all you are in the Australia gallery.

For desk tops and lap tops: Simply hover your cursor over each photo. A cocktail class appears on the LHS of each pic. Click to vote! Brands of what each person is wearing also appear.  Click on each photo again, it will enlarge and reveal names and deets.

how to vote for your favourite style

Hover your cursor and the voting button/cocktail glass and brands appear

For mobile phones and iPads: Simply tap and the cocktail glass will appear, LHS. Tap it to vote. Brand names will also appear.  Tap the photo again and it enlarges to full size, and reveals names and deets. You can then choose whether to look through the gallery thru an auto-slide show (at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the pic below)  or manually move through the gallery by clicking on each photo.

Tap again to enlarge, see deets and choose auto slideshow or manual flick-thru

Tap again to enlarge, see deets and choose auto slideshow or manual flick-thru


Either way you choose to view the weekly galleries, we sure hope you enjoy. And in case you have any issues. Please do get in touch with us!


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Corona Virus Update

We will be returning to our regular weekly street style gallery once it is safe to do so, around the country.

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Countdown To Street Style – Vote Now!

If you’ve turned our heads on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide, or on your Instagram page, you could be featured in our weekly Aussie gallery. Friends and followers can vote for your style by clicking on the cocktail glass in the top left corner of each photo. Or, send us your own shot and enter yourself.  You have until the clock counts down to zero to vote. Great prizes and the top-voted may be invited to model for a fashion shoot.

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