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How to Choose the Right Dress Length For Your Body Shape

Dress Length Tips & Tricks

We’re big believers in ditching fashion ‘rules’ and wearing what makes you feel your best! But it doesn’t hurt to know what’s most flattering for your body type. Understanding what works best for your body can be incredibly empowering. Over time, this knowledge will help you build the ultimate wardrobe for you. If you’re looking to play up certain features or flatter as much as possible, dress length is a major factor to consider. With the weather warming up, you’re probably looking to get those pins out.

With so many fashionable styles to play around with today, here are some top tips on how to pick the right dress length for you.

The Basics on Hem Length

No matter your body type, the general idea is to have your dress end at a relatively small part of your leg. For example, at or just below the knee tends to be the most universally flattering skirt length, whereas anything hitting the widest part of your calves can create the illusion of a shorter leg.

Of course, dress length isn’t the only thing at play when it comes to flattering your shape. How certain cuts flare over your hips or sit at the waist becomes just as important as length. A-line skirts tend to look great on most body types because they accentuate the waist and flow more gently over the hips than body con styles. If your waist, hips and shoulders are similar widths, a super tight mini can enhance your curves and show off your legs. Hourglass shapes and pencil skirts are a match made in heaven.

The list goes on, but understanding how different dress lengths shape the body will guide all decisions around cut and style. What’s important to remember is that nothing is off bounds. With the right cut, accessories and attitude, anybody can make it work.


Dress Length

Mini-skirts and shorts aren’t just for the tall and leggy among us, but they do look best when they don’t end at the widest part of your hips.  As we said, any line that sits on the widest part of the body will give a broader overall appearance. With a lot of leg on display, shoes can either make or break an outfit.

In the same sense that hem lengths create certain illusions of length or width, footwear does too. If a boot sits tightly around the middle of your calf, you might notice it takes away from the length of your legs. This really depends on your body and style, so play around with your collection and pay attention to how it changes your overall shape.


A major trend In the last decade has been the midi dress, or midi styles generally. This style tends to end at the widest part of the calf, extending from anywhere under the knee. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from them – after all, plenty of people look great in a midi length hem.

Wearing nude heels can elongate the leg if you’re struggling with midi, or any length for that matter. How closely the piece hugs your body and whether your waist is accentuated are the main factors to consider when trying to balance this length.


An ankle-skimming maxi length is a great and versatile option whether you’re tall or petite. If you’re on the shorter side, cinching the waist or opting for a slit can be extra flattering.

If it’s a maxi skirt you’re rocking, showing some skin on your arms or neck can help balance the outfit. Ultimately, incorporating a range of dress lengths into your wardrobe is all about learning how to style your ensembles to best balance the trickier lines.

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