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How The Bachelor is Good for Australian Fashion Designers

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Have an upcoming wedding, engagement, cocktail party or formal? The Bachelor could very well be your next source of fashion style inspiration. Whether you love to watch it, or love to hate watching it, The Bachelor has been on everyone’s screens and social media feeds. Since 2013, Aussies have been cheering for couples to get their happily ever after. Many watch for the laughs and some for the drama, of which there’s plenty in a soapy kind of way. What catches everyone’s attention more than anything else are the heralded rose ceremonies. Yes, there are tantrums, fights and awkward conversations, but they’re also a chance for Australian designers to showcase their label’s fashion style.

In the midst of the twinkling lights and free-flowing alcohol, contestants are dolled up to showcase the latest fashion styles hitting the evening wear scene. Ball gowns, jumpsuits, midi dresses, mini dresses, strapless numbers… The Bachelor’s styling team play around with a whole array of formal fashion styles. It’s beneficial for both the designers and potential consumers watching from home.

Bachelor Fashion Style
Sam (L) in an Amy Taylor Collection dress, Episode 1.

Not Your Average Mannequin

While the girls on The Bachelor are drop-dead gorgeous, they’re also regular women. Despite the obvious lack  diversity on the show,  it’s an opportunity for fashion followers to see what kind of fashion styles suit different body shapes, skin tones and hair styles. It’s a good way to suss out what colours, fabrics, cuts and fashion styles might flatter you best.

Bachelor Fashion Style
Chelsie (L) wears an Amy Taylor Collection gown, Episode 2.
Bachelor Fashion Style
Isabelle (L) wears an Elle Zeitoune dress, Episode 2.
The Bachelor Contestant (L) and the model (in the same outfit
Jessica wears a dress by Elle Zeitoune, Episode 3.

All About Styling

What The Bachelor does well is the whole fashion and style package. It’s not just about the dress. Accessories are important elements that finesse each women’s look. Evening gowns are presented at their best on real women who have been styled to the nines to look their best in them! The Bachelor puts together the whole look including shoes, jewellery, hair and makeup. They are all cohesively assembled to perfect  the entire fashion style.

The Bachelor Contestant (L) and the model (in the same outfit
Mary (L) wears an Amy Taylor Collection gown, Episode 10.
Bachelor Fashion Style
Nichole (L) wears an Elle Zeitoune jumpsuit, Episode 10.

On the Big Screen

There’s a massive difference seeing a photo of a garment on a brand’s website to seeing it from a 360 degree angle in video format. Across TVs and laptops, these evening wear pieces are on show to thousands of people around the nation. This is invaluable exposure to both established and budding Australian designers.

Here’s what a few of our Aussie designers who had garments on The Bachelor, had to say about their experience.

The Bachelor Contestant (L) and the model (in the same outfit
Helena wears a Tina Holly  dress, Episode 11.

“Having our gowns on the show helped us boost our engagement on social media. It also helped us gain recognition among our stockists who placed several orders on these gowns because they were encouraged by the free publicity and the public attention. Overall, it was a great experience.” – Catalina, Tina Holly Couture

The Bachelor Contestant (L) and the model (in the same outfit
Sogand (L) wears an Elle Zeitoune dress, Episode 11.

“I don’t feel as though this last season of The Bachelor has made a huge impact. But I have definitely had an increase of awareness and sales from previous seasons, depending on who’s wearing the dress.”
Giselle, Elle Zeitoune Designs

Bachelor Fashion Style
Vakoo (L) wears an Amy Taylor Collection dress, Episode 3.

“Yes, The Bachelor has definitely helped our brand along. I think it’s been our 4th year now. Because our garments are quite expensive, we don’t always sell a lot of  the fashion styles straight away.  Sometimes one garment will just really stand out, especially when we are in a grand finale. Then we’ll sell out automatically. It definitely has helped our evening brand reach new heights by people talking about our brand and searching or thinking of us when a special event comes up.” – Arielle, Amy Taylor Collection


All images: Harpers Bazaar



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