Hot Trends This Week


Whether they’re throwing back to 70s punk prints or 80s eccentricity, the style set overseas are turning up the volume. As always, we’re listening closely.Hot Trends This WeekIf keeping a perpetually messy handbag is a problem of yours, this trend might finally teach you a valuable lesson about editing. Transparent bags leave nothing to the imagination.Hot Trends This WeekFrom highland to high fashion, tartan is trending across the pond.Hot Trends This WeekWhy not look getaway-ready at all times? Hold-alls are usually considered more of a necessity than luxury, but utility is trending too, right?Hot Trends This WeekTrench coats have the rare quality of never quite going out of fashion. As with all timeless pieces, however, they do get through style phases from time to time. We’re spotting cinched waists on the trench-clad fashion week attendees.Hot Trends This WeekSartorial optimism reigns, with yellow continuing to be a key colour this season. The trick to this trend is to find the hue that works best with your skin tone and stay loyal to it.Hot Trends This WeekBig print, bold colours, shoulder pads…are you dizzy yet? The 80s fashion throwback is set to be one of the hot trends of the season.

Dapper (19)Hot Trends This WeekWhat is it about wearing a straw hat or toting a wicker bag that makes it truly feel like spring? No idea, but woven accessories are fast becoming a warm-weather favourite.Hot Trends This WeekLocals are incorporating subtle touches of velvet into their daily looks, and the results are as luxe as the fabric itself.

That’s it for this week’s style report, revolutionaries! We’re already on the lookout for your next dose of what’s trending.



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