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Hair Accessories that will Lift Your Style Game

Accessories for Fresh Fashion Style

They’re taking over your Instagram. Hair accessories are the latest craze that’s changing the fashion game. A little goes a long way when adding small touches to your final look. Just try add a barrette or two, a headscarf or a colourful scrunchie. It’ll instantly elevate your whole fashion style.

Acrylic Hair Clips

Hair Clips are a big fashion accessory ATM
L-R:  @divinile @eloisejaksic

It’s not just your local kindergarten kid who’s sporting these fun clips. From international fashion weeks to high-end fashion magazines, hair clips are fast becoming a go-to fashion style accessory. Usually made from acrylic or resin, these clips are the basic addition to a basic outfit. Hot tip: subtly match the colour of your clip to another detail of your ensemble, say your shoes or nail polish. Keep an eye out for glitter, flecked and matte fashion style varieties. Mix and match, we dare say.


Scrunchies are back
L-R: @minielenarose @shop.peachit

The ‘80s are back, baby. Throw on some Olivia Newton-John and grab your collection of totally rad scrunchies. They strike a balance between practicality and a fun fashion style. Just complete the retro look with acid-washed jeans and a bomber jacket. There are multiple ways of wearing this accessory. Tie your hair back in a high ponytail or simply wear one around your wrist. It’s the hair accessory made for the girl who loses all her hair ties.

Pearl Barrettes

Pearl Barrettes
L-R: @_hollyt   @oliviavlachou

You see them on earrings, handbags, jackets and shoes. Pearls are making a major comeback. It’s no wonder that they’ve snuck their way into the hair department. Pearl barrettes subtly upgrade your fashion style. They’re a match made in heaven with a pared-down outfit. Blazers, basic denim numbers and plain tees will instantly be refreshed with one or two pearl clips. Pearl of wisdom: best worn with your hair down with the front section of your hair simply pinned back.


scarves are a timeless fashion style accessory
L-R:  @shhtephs  @mumma_maker_photographtaker

The award for most versatile accessory goes to scarves. Wear them around your neck, wear them as tops and wear them on your head. Even the ways of wearing them on your noggin are endless. Throw one over the top of your head and knot it under your chin. Tie onto a ponytail as a ribbon. Thinly fold and wear as a headband. For the ultimate cowboy chic fashion style, tie one around your neck.  Choose from a variety of bold colours and patterns, in silk or cotton fabrics.


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