How to Stand Out In a Crowd


…and Get Spotted by a Street Style Photographer!

You make an effort to look your best every time you leave home, right? You’ve checked your lipstick, hair, buttons, zips, cleavage, accessories, nails and hemline. For guys, you’ve checked your shoes, zips, facial hair – including brows, nose and ears, accessories, socks, sunglasses and nails. You never leave home with a hair out of place. Or, if you do, you figure you can wing it into your personal style. You’ve seen those street style photographers snapping away in the street, but you can’t for the life of you work out why they stop the people they do. What is it exactly? What’s caught their eye? You just can’t see why they’d want to take that person’s photo, right?!


We’re about to let you in on our secrets about what our shutterbugs looks for when they’re out there. You might be surprised at what we’re about to share. Most people are surprised when they discover what our photographers try to avoid. It could be the very thing that you thought was exactly the “IT” factor to get you noticed. Our street style photographers will walk right past you if you are wearing black. You’d have to have something else going on that’s amazing if your main outfit palette is black.

Rule #1: No Black

We often hear people talk about wearing black because it’s”stylish”, “versatile” and “elegant”. But with so many men and women wearing black these days, it’s become hard to stand out in the crowd. On cold winter days when everyone seems to be wearing a black, dark grey or chocolate brown coat (or worse – trackies) our photographers look for a slightly higher vantage point from where they can look down the road to see who stands out in colour against the sea of black.

If you’ve already seen our weekly street style fashion galleries, you can imagine how interesting (not) they’d look if everyone was wearing black. After a while everyone looks the same, no matter how original, quirky or stylish they might seem in real life. That’s because when photographed, black swamps textures and layers and smothers detail. Most of it’s lost in a photo.

How interesting would our fun photo galleries look if week after week we bought you photos of people in black. Not very. Vogue editor Anna Wintour’s favourite “fashion hate” is “head to toe black.”

Exceptions to the rule - YOu jave to look ultra-amazing to be snapped if you insist on wearing black

Exceptions to the rule – you have to look ultra-amazing to be snapped if you insist on wearing black

Rule#2: Give them Something Worth Photographing

We know you love your gorgeous $500 designer jeans. Heck, we probably do too! We know how expensive they are too! Bad news, guys, price is not a deciding factor in whether our street style photographers thing you’re wearing something worth photographing. Street style photographers are not interested in photographing every pair of ripped jeans -or even non-ripped jeans- that come walking towards them. They don’t care how much you paid for your jeans, even if you wave your receipt in their face as you walk past . You could even iron the price tag to the seat of your pants. It won’t make any difference. They’re interested in how unique you look, not the price of your outfit.

So, as exclusive as your jeans may be priced, chances are those shutterbugs have already seen a million Roberto Cavalli  or Dolce & Gabanna jeans strutting towards them. Ask yourself this question: If street style photographers see these jeans almost every day, are they really photo worthy? Would they notice them, or you in them? Chances are, they won’t: “Nothing to see here.”


Rule #3: Look Finished

Your overall look, from head-to-toe should look like you’ve thought about it and attended to it. Care’s been taken and it shows. Every hair’s in place or casually ruffled depending on your preferred style. Sandals or open shoes show nails that have been manicured. Street style photographers are not going to spend time on you if it looks like you’ve spent the last 2 hours working on a building site or playing in a black sand box. They are looking for people who have made an effort to present themselves to the world. No effort, no reward. And that means no photo.

That also means not relying on one single feature to get yourself noticed. That oversized hat, those over-sized platforms, or favourite bag isn’t enough to get you noticed, if that’s your only effort. In fact, there’s a chance that if the photographers notice your single-item-effort, these items will be snapped without showing the rest of you. You can look forward to seeing photos of your feet, the back of your head, or your bag showing only your anonymous  hand holding it on the net. But not you.

Remember, you look finished if you’ve paid attention to yourself from top-to-toe. Not every aspect of your appearance should be competing for attention.  But your presentation should look completed – “nothing more to add here” – from top-to-toe.Look_finished

Rule #4: Wear Colour, Texture, Pattern

Street style photographers are not just looking for colour, they’re looking for lots of it. The reason is that they are also looking for energy, vibrance,vitality and chutzpah. The way to project this is not only through colour and lots of it but also through textures, layering and patterns. – Not all jumbled together in a weird mess!, but In a big bold, colourful and confident statement.

There’s an argument that goes: it’s not possible to be wearing too much colour, or too much make-up to be noticed by a street style photographer. Wrong. Strutting around like a tired old circus clown, with too much make-up, too many colours and overblown hair might just see that photographer look past you at the person walking behind you, who has taken a bit more care. It’s always a subjective call. Just remember, your street style photographer is on the look out for a colourful, vibrant snap that projects energy, style, flair and care. Not an over-daubed wax-work.


Rule #5: Be Original

The single most important thing that street style photographers look for is originality.
To be noticed you need to look quirky, edgy or even glamorous, and as we’ve already said, always unique. Original style will always get  you noticed. “Nice” isn’t always enough because you might just be looking like everyone else in the street that day.  Our photographers are looking for stand outs, not just for people who look “nice”. They’re looking at how you’ve styled designer items with Target leggings or vintage accessories.  It’s how you put it all together that’s going to catch their eye.  While you might look fabulous in that designer dress, you still look like all the other women who bought the same dress (or guys – that suit!)  until you accessorise and style your whole look based on your own preferences.   If there are more than one person in the street wearing the same playsuit , or chinos, the way you’ve teamed them up with other items to look your best is your own style statement. Make that  statement. Make it your own statement. Make sure it’s original.


If you look back through the photos in this post, you’ll notice that almost any of the photos could be used for any of the headings. You can maximise your chances of getting snapped if you follow these simple rules. Do all this and we’ll see you in the pages of Cocktail Revolution real soon!

All photos for this post are from our Lookbook. If  you have a question for our street style photographers, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to get one of them to answer it for you.

Here’s our newest street style video. We call it the Real Runway and sometimes, if the mood takes us, the Reel Runway!



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