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Festival vibes: How to style yourself with festival vibes! From face jewellery to what your wear on your feet, we’ve got your festival vibes covered. Olga Millar, one of your top-voted monthly style favourites for 2016 has done all the research for you!  Here’s what she’s found!

With summer already in full swing here in QLD and quickly catching up with the rest of our country, it’s time to start thinking about all the fun in the sun! All those summer festivals to attend, dance at, get loose and of course be noticed. I’ve chosen a few pieces that’ll make you stand out from the crowd and make you look -let’s say- boho/sexy/loud/couture- this party season.

Festival Vibes: The shoes

These are important as you all know. They have to be sort of comfortable, yet look fantastic !!! I did my research and found the perfect pair that fits the description.

Check out these platforms by Riccardo Villanova. Only selected and exclusive materials are used for these shoes which are made with the expert hands of highly specialised artisan. Each finished product is unique, a real exclusive masterpiece, guaranteeing excellent entirely Made In Italy quality. They are a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!!! And they have all the attributes you want – fringe suede and feathers! These will definitely make any legs look looooooooong! They come in a variety of colours but interestingly enough looks like that is the only shoe style that this brand produces. Meaning they are quite unique, so treat yourself with a pair! Available here.

Festive ShoesFestival Shoes

The other pair I would probably wear and yes I know it’s very hot in those summer months, but they are so HOT looking, you’ll be on fire!! I could not resist to push the over the knee boots trend into this season … and voila! These Daisy Street beauties are available from Asos.

Festival Vibes with boots

Snake print – tick, comfortable heel – tick, sexy- tick, no one else would probably dare to wear – tick! Would look fantastic with a denim shirt dress or short cropped shorts! Yay!!! I think these are a winner!

Festival Vibes: The Clothes

You can go from bohemian look of long florals and cotton whites to the crazy 90s look of cropped/ripped denim shorts and oversized denim jackets as both 70s and 90s are alive in the fashion world at the moment.

For boho chic, choose the flower power and nice flowy girly dresses showing a bit or a lot of leg. I particularly enjoy the local brand Spell Designs as they make all those dresses you just want to live in this summer. Quality materials and a variety of colors is guaranteed. You just need a Kombi van and move to Byron Bay 🙂 Omg you can even find floral flares on their website! Who would have thought!

white lace dress festival vibes

Festival Vibes


Festival Vibes: Denim

My favourite piece of clothing at the moment is the denim jacket. It never dates for starters and can also be a statement piece. The ones below are not your usual boring denims that you throw on top of a dress. These are THE ONES you show off and watch everyone turn their heads and then run towards you to ask where you got it from.

All of them are handmade which makes it even more exciting and precious!

At shopjaydee.com you can order the jackets that have already been designed by others or watch this space  – “Create your own”. Very unique, trendy , rock star designs , reminds me of those crazy guys from Kiss for some reason ?



Another designer who makes denims very VOGUE (I just get that Madonna’s song in my head every time I see them) is called Tatman. Their jackets have more of that fashionista couture touch to them. These are created by the two sisters and are all handmade and can be customised of course. Available at siaspace.com

Festival Vibes Denim Jacket Vogue

FEstival Vibes denim

Festival Vibes: Bags

Bags bags bags … I won’t bore you with a crazy selection here as I only picked one (maybe two) that I am in love with. They’re by a Spanish designer Andrés Gallardo.

Festival Vibes round bag


All Andreas’ bags are made from organically dyed bovine leather and manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, a location well known for its ancient tradition of leather goods. Porcelain figurines on them come from (noooooooo, not Grandma’s cupboard) one of the last remaining workshops of handmade porcelain in Spain. It is a fantastic representation of centuries old craftsmanship carried to the modern world, keeping the traditions and combining them with a unique touch. Bravo to the artist!


Festival Vibes: Face Jewellery

As for decorating your face and I actually mean jewellery-ing it (all the sculpturing, toning, brow tinting goes on as usual) you can use something created by tattify.com guys called “face rocks”. These are crystals and more ,that you can use as a perfect blingy addition to your perfect make up ? why not pay tribute to David Bowie with the stars all over your face?



I saved the best and most impressive for last. Ok, did all of you ever wear a flower crown? Ditch it! We are all now able to be mermaids with these mermaid crowns! The most exciting and extravagant jewellery items on planet Earth right now. Created by Australia’s own talented girl Chelsea, they sell out like cupcakes worldwide!!! Every piece is unique.  That’s the beauty of them apart from the sparkles and crystals and all those blingy things we like combined with the natural beauty of shells. What’s even more beautiful about Chelsea’s pieces is the fact that she uses suppliers that only collect shells from over-flowing beaches around the world and her main supplier donates 30% of proceeds back into a variety of charities mainly to help preserve the Great Barrier Reef.



You can order through Chelsea’s website.

Anyhow, it’s up to you what you go for: dancing around or sitting on the grass enjoying the music, but stay cool and fashionable this festival season. Show those celebs from Coachella what we are made of ??!

Olga Millar

-Olga Millar


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