Fashion Trends You’ll be Wearing in 2019


What Women are Wearing this Season

You’ve said goodbye to some of the fashion trends from last year and are ready to take on 2019 in style. This year’s forecast is looking chic, peppered with  micro-trends that are likely to go macro.


Slithering into 2019 with more style than ever is the snakeskin trend. Snakeskin and animal print remain a key print trend for the coming months. Head to toe reptile chic is just as acceptable as the subtle pop of a snakeskin accessory, so now is the time to go wild.

Bike Shorts

Some fashion trends will divide and fade away fast. Others divide and stay put. Such is the case for the bike short trend, which rose to street style prominence last year much to the dismay of traditionalists and the utter delight of cycling brands. The bike short looks like it’s not going anywhere, so perhaps it’s time to stop fighting and revel in the endless styling possibilities instead.

Bucket Hats

credit: @melodiejeng

Plucked from your 90s wardrobe and seamlessly adopted into the wider Cali-cool trend dominating street style of late, the bucket hat has made its way back onto the heads of fashion’s finest. Forget sun-soaked Instagram snaps, this fashion trend is the easiest way to give off those ‘I’m on a perpetual vacation’ vibes.


credit: Pinterest

Tie-dye is already making waves on and off the runway. There’s a rebellious edge to the reemergence of this trend, both in its inherent nod to 60s and 70s counterculture and the fact that you can opt for DIY or designer bought pieces. Time to schedule a crafternoon.

Sustainability in Fashion

Yep, being a conscious consumer is set to be the hottest trend of the year. In the face of fast fashion, many designers and consumers alike are making strides towards more eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices. We’re hoping that making sustainable choices is one of those fashion trends that never go out of style.


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