3 Ways to Up Your Footwear Fashion Style


Fashion Style for Your Feet in Summer

Let’s just get it out there. Feet are kind of ugly. There is a long list of icky feet ailments—from bunions to blisters to nail fungus and worse. You get the picture – we wont say any more! When your feet are looking less than perfect, here are 3 stylish ways to up your look without being obvious about wanting to hide them. Walk through these footwear fashion and style options provided by some of the best bloggers in the business to see which is the best fit for you.

Heels or Sandals with Socks

Should socks be worn with heels and sandals? The jury is still out on this one.  But there are good reasons to pair these up, aside from all things fashion or style. Aside from covering up those blisters, bunyions and unsightly bumps, socks can help relieve sore feet as well. Unsure how to style this fashion combo? Monochrome tones work well. Or pull out a pair of mesh or sheer socks to make a statement.


On trend fashion style with slip-onss


Slip-ons are the perfect footwear for summer that come with bonus points for upping your fashion style. Basic slip-on are so low maintenance. No buckles, no straps, no worries. Slide on with a pair of white linen pants or denim culottes. Pro tip: get a pair that covers the bridge of your foot so they don’t slip off easily.


Sneakers modelled by Jacqui Alexander


Sneakers modelled by Alyssa in the City


A standard shoe that is appropriately worn all year round, the humble sneaker is reliable, comfortable and goes with basically any fashion or style. Join the cool kid club and opt for an invisible sock. Denim shorts, midi skirts and mini dresses all work perfectly with sneakers for a toned down and effortless vibe.

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