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Exclusive Pop-Up Event Unveiling the Future of Fashion

Melbourne Fashion Events

Get ready to immerse yourself in the most innovative designs that the next generation of designers are about to unleash! Melbourne Fashion Hub, empowering the next generation of designers who put people and planet first, is holding it’s much anticipated pop-up event from March 22-24 at the Creation Collective Showroom. Timed as a follow on from Melbourne Fashion Week, as Melbourne fashion events go, this one has become a natural extension of the annual fashion fest.

Chelsea Tran
Designs: Chelsea Tran; Image: Le Nguyen Phuong

Now in its fourth year, this event is set to showcase the most exciting local multidisciplinary artists and designers, with a strong focus for this year on “transformative fashion”.

Handpicked by a panel of industry experts, including the likes of Calvin Wong (Vanilla Issue), Janice Breen Burns (Fashion Editor, Voxfrock), and Eva Schelling (Stylist), the designer showcase promises to bring you responsibly designed and cutting-edge styles straight from the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant creative scene.

Melbourne Fashion Events
Designer: Madi Cheney; Photos:Molly Burmeister

Be prepared to be amazed by twelve incredible new designers. Despite their emerging status their collective achievements include:

  • Winner of the “We Are the Makers” Sustainable Fashion 2023 award
  • Finalist in the 2023 ID Dunedin International Designer Awards
  • Featured Artist at the 2022 Future from Waste WASTEFEST
  • 3rd Place recipient at Myer’s Emerging Designer 2023
  • Designer worn by Caroline (Ralph) Ralphsmith, CEO of Melbourne Fashion Festival, at   the NGV Gala 2023
Melbourne Fashion Events
Design: Chi Weller; Images: Chi

But don’t think Melbourne Fashion Hub is simply a pop-up event. It’s more than that. It’s a unique fashion experience that gives you exclusive access to first-to-market pieces. Imagine being the first to discover and purchase conceptual and commercial designs. It’s not just about shopping. It’s about connecting with responsible designers, exploring the fashion community, and supporting local emerging talent.

Melbourne Fashion Hub
Designer: Nikki Edgar; Photos: Aimee Hyde

Melbourne Fashion Hub goes beyond fashion—it’s a celebration of creativity, diversity, and the future. Turn up to become part of a movement that empowers the next generation of responsible designers who are shaping the fashion landscape.

For those who love to see the absolute latest in fashion, design and unique creations coming out of Australia’s fashion capital, Melbourne Fashion Hub offers an exciting and immersive experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this fashion-forward event.

Melbourne Fashion Events
Designs: Jeera Thar; Photos: Zhang Lucy

Featured Image: Madi Cheney Design; Photo: Molly Burmeister

See more at Melbourne Fashion Hub and @melbfashhub #melbfashhub See previous Melbourne Fashion Hub Showcase at: Buy the Future With Melbourne Fashion Hub’s New Designers

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