End of Year Trend Wrap-Up


We’ve been keeping an eye on the trending styles from fashion weeks around the world all year long. While most trends come and go, some have more staying power. Here’s our end of year trend wrap-up, featuring the looks we’ve spotted again and again in 2017.  End of Year Trend Wrap-UpWhen the style set tired of winter layers, they opted for slinky slips instead. When that cold weather hit again, they didn’t stop – layering slip dresses with sweaters underneath and vinyl coats atop.End of Year Trend Wrap-Up2017 was the year that plaid blazers became the unspoken outerwear rule of fashion week attendees the world over. Fitted, cropped, oversized, with shoulder pads – we saw it all!End of Year Trend Wrap-UpPower dressing this year was all about embracing a head to toe hue, and red ruled. Those not quite ready to go red all over opted instead for statement blazers or leather-look red trousers.End of Year Trend Wrap-UpWho would have thought a tourist favourite would become a top trend for 2017? Fanny pack, bum bag, waist pack – whatever you want to call it, it’s an accessory that kept popping up on runways and streets this year.End of Year Trend Wrap-UpHeadwear was a focus this year – and the focus was almost entirely on the classic beret.
End of Year Trend Wrap-UpMen embraced an accessories trend that, for no good reason, is still considered to be the preserve of women. Keep rocking the statement jewellery, guys!

Dapper (19)End of Year Trend Wrap-UpNeon fashion seems hard to pull off, but locals this year embraced the acid-bright trend with ease.End of Year Trend Wrap-UpBackless shoes have proved that they’re more than just a blip on the sartorial radar, with various versions of the mule popping up over all year long.

Happy holidays, revolutionaries! We can’t wait to get back into snapping your holiday style ❤️



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