Early Style Trends 2018


Between the menswear shows in London, Milan and Florence this month, stylish show goers are giving us a glimpse into the  trends that are set to skyrocket this year. Check out the early style trends for 2018!

Early style trends 2018

Playful patchwork might be the perfect trend for the indecisive among us. Why pick just one print, fabric or finish or when you can throw them all together?early style trends 2018

From surveillance paranoia to street style chic, the hoodie remains a fixture on the fashion week circuit. For those of us in the sweltering Australian summer, this trend might be one to hold off on for a little while…

early style trends 2018 transparency

 The trend set would have us believe that opacity is out for good!  Transparent fashion is on the rise and lends to inexhaustible styling possibilities – we love seeing new takes on this trend every week.

early style trends 2018 - Orange

A head to toe orange look isn’t the easiest to pull off, but that hasn’t stopped street stylers abroad from trying. Could jailbird chic be the next big thing?

early style trends 2018 Aviator Jackets

Aviator jackets have always been something of a staple piece for the impossibly cool off-duty model, but from what we’ve seen this year so far, the flying jacket is really taking off.early style trends 2018 - Local looks -pinafore

Local talent is making a strong case for the humble pinafore. What’s not to love about a dress/overalls hybrid?

Stay stylish, Revolutionaries!




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