Early October Trends


With all the big Fashion Weeks going on in New York, Milan and Paris, there’s plenty of international street style trends to keep us all busy. Some of the trends we’re seeing might surprise, but all of them will delight! Here’s what we’re seeing for early October.

Early October Trends

The year’s most romantic head-wear trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Berets are still being spotted at fashion weeks the world over, but the leather-look beret in particular is catching our attention more and more.

Dapper (11)On and off the runway, we’re spotting the comeback of the catsuit. You’re probably more likely to associate bodysuits with super heroines than with the super stylish, but the latter are fast embracing this trend.

Dapper (18)Why save your sparkle for after dark? If you’re looking to turn heads, sport a sequinned number during the day and wait for that sun to hit…

Dapper (13)Sewing or pinning patches and badges into your threads is the perfect way to breathe new life into key pieces. Across the pond, we’re seeing subtle additions in the form of a brooch or two as well as full-blown patch-covered outerwear.

Dapper (10)Statement pieces and tongue-in-cheek designs are continuing to serve the ultimate sartorial sass.

Dapper (12)It’s all well and good to make a statement walking into a room, but with this trend, you’re going to make one walking out, too. If cleavage and bare shoulders are trends you don’t bother with, the tie-back top might be your new favourite piece.Dapper (19)Dapper (15)Neon fashion isn’t as hard to nail as you might think! Focusing on one acid-bright colour at a time and pairing it with neutrals is the best way to ease into this trend.

Dapper (14)If there’s a staple more perfectly suited to spring than white jeans, we haven’t seen it yet. However, with great style comes great responsibility – embrace this trend and be prepared to triple check the cleanliness of whatever surface you’re about to sit on.



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