Thursday, September 29, 2022

Wishing Our Diverse Followers a Happy Festive Season

Celebrating the End of 2020

In a year that seemed like a decade, it looked at times like the festive season might never come.  Thankfully, it’s finally upon us. And in a way that permits hugs all round, unlike our hapless friends in the UK and beyond.

Religious vs Non-Religious FestivalChristmas Wreath for the festive season

Whether or not Christmas is celebrated in your own household, this time of year marks the start of the festive season for many. For Christians, it’s a joyful and holy time about peace and love to all. It falls not long after the all-important festivals of light: Hanukkah in Judaism,  Diwali in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. It also comes around a month after the American traditional holiday of Thanksgiving and for many in Australia, it serves as an end-of-year equivalent. It’s also a time observed by non-believers as providing ideal moments for reflection, bridge-building and giving back. And then again for others, it’s simply the time of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

three Jedhi Knights from Start Wars

Ours is a secular society.  The Australian Census shows that the fastest growing category of believers are in “no religion”.  That’s currently 30% of the population and rising. Bear in mind that there’s a whole group of people, over 70,000 in fact, who state their religion in the Australian Census as Jedhi, of the kind from Star Wars.  

Festive Season

Whatever the occasion, it’s a season with an infectious feeling where everyone can celebrate love, family, and coming together, despite differences. Above all, irrespective of beliefs, it’s a season that celebrates the cycle of life, where we can celebrate all things good.


Pretty Christmas Presents

It goes without saying that it’s also an amazing sales bonanza for retailers where, until the Black Friday Sales took hold in this country, retailers and hospitality outlets alike were at their busiest. Everyone receives a gift of some kind, wrapped, bowed and frequently glittering. And many are organising feasts of one kind or another.

What We’re Celebrating

Scene from Seinfeld 'The Strike', about Festivus

At Cocktail Revolution, we celebrate diversity.  Many wish us “Happy Festivus” which we love to hear. It makes us chuckle that this idea from Seinfeld, which started as a parody, has actually started to catch on for real. It’s an anti-commerical festival “for the rest of us” and we’re happy to put that one into our happy sack of reasons to celebrate.  As we do, we’d like to thank you all for sticking by us through a year like no other. Like many of you, we’re celebrating the end of 2020 and can’t wait to start afresh. So our wish to you all at this time of year is, no matter what your reason for celebrating at this time: Happy Festive Season.



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