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Happy Festive Season to All

Celebrating Diversity
This Time of Year

Here at Cocktail Revolution we celebrate diversity. And while we love that we are all different, we are also very much aware that despite these differences in ethnicity, culture, religion and how we view the world based on our lived experiences, people are more alike than we are different.

Festive season diversity

The end of the calendar year marks the festive season for many. For Christians, it’s a joyful and holy time about peace and love to all. It falls not long after the all-important festivals of light: Hanukkah in Judaism, Diwali in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. It also comes around a month after the American traditional holiday of Thanksgiving and for many in Australia, it serves as an end-of-year equivalent.

When it comes to religion, we are becoming more and more secular. The latest Australian Census shows that the fastest growing category of believers are in “no religion”.  That’s almost 40% of the population and rising, although there aren’t as many people claiming to be Jedhi as before. Who knows why.

Pretty Christmas Presents

In any case, in one way or another, it’s the season for taking time out.  Time out from work. And time out from almost everything else so that there’s dedicated “time in” for families, friendships and a holiday break. Whether religious or not, this time of year provides ideal moments for reflection, bridge-building and giving back. It’s a time for turning our back on things that didn’t work out. And a time for making changes and new plans for a brighter calendar year ahead. It’s a time for recognising what others have done for us and for realising what more we can do for others. It’s the season for generosity and gift giving, no questions asked.

It’s a season where we can celebrate love, family, and coming together, despite differences. Above all, irrespective of beliefs, it’s a season that celebrates the cycle of life, and hope, where we can celebrate all things good.

Scene from Seinfeld 'The Strike', about Festivus

We exchange greetings and lots of us wish each other a merry Christmas, irrespective of our actual beliefs. We’re also hearing with more frequency at this time of year “Happy Festivus” (“for the rest of us”) that started as a parody from Seinfeld. It’s become a catch cry greeting used with all good-natured humour intended, that allows anyone to use it with relative comfort and a pinch of relatively inoffensive sarcasm.

Melbourne Fashion Festival

So, as we write our final post for 2022, our wish for you all is, no matter what your reason for celebrating at this time of year: Happy Festive Season.

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