Designer Street Style


…on the way to the Perth Fashion Festival

Amongst the fashion lovers heading to the Perth Fashion Festival this week were the alumni of Perth designers. We managed to snap their designer street style! Normally camera shy, designer street style posts are rare.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what designers wear when they attend fashion festivals, read on.  Photographing some of them on their way to Yagan Square for the event, we even caught one of them behind the scenes in her designer gear! Not the simple white tee and black pants for this lot!


Designer Daphne Wong, the creative behind fashion label D-Tribe headed off to the festival with Laura Gabriele from Faconcept in Pier St, where D-tribe is stocked. Seen here the pair are wearing dresses with interchangeable sleeves from  D-tribe’s new spring/summer collection, Uptown Girl.

Designer Street style
Designer Street style

Wilbur the Label

Rebecca Easterbrook, creative director of Wilbur the Label,  attended the festival with her bestie, Travel Agent Monika Southern. Both decked out in Wilbur! We spotted them at Perth’s famous  Horseshoe Bridge. Rebecca, left, is in the Tee Dress in Sparkle, and Monika is wearing the Razor Back Rib in Wilbur Green.

Designer Street style

Designer Street style - Rebecca Easterbrook and friend in Wilbur the Label

Megan Salmon

Perth Fashion festival regular Megan Salmon headed to Yagan Square to watch the runways with her friend Heather Webb. Decked out in Megan Salmon garments, Heather, on the left below, wears the Blush Feather Skirt and Blush Mary Top. Megan, right,  is wearing her Blush Ally Dress and Black Silk Long Shirt.

Designer Street style

Designer Street style

Raw War

Creative director of Raw War, Antoinette Raphael strutted her stuff decked out head-to-toe in her own label in Yagan Square. Individual, androgynous and quirky, Antoinette chooses bold prints and oversized silhouettes for herself and her designs.

Designer Street style - Antoinette Raphael of Rawa War

Designer Street style

Designer Street Style in Perth.

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