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A Day in the Life of a Runway Model – MBFWA

BTS Model Diary – Beck Hume

Model Beck Hume walked the MBFWA runway for the very first time this year. The Azalea Models’ talent, also listed with IMG, kept a diary of what was happening behind the scenes. Here’s just one day in the life of a MBFWA runway model via her model diary and personal snaps.

7am – Wake up and make breakfast with my roommates. Luckily I packed my bag the night before because before I know it, it’s time to leave and I have to run to the train station.

8am – Grab last minute things (keys, jacket, sunnies) and head out the door to the train station on the way to the agency.

First Nations Fashion Design
Photo: Beck Hume
First Nations Fashion Design
Photo: Beck Hume

8:10am – Pick up some (very much needed) coffee.

9am – Run into the agency and quickly work on my runway walk. Grab some more show cards then run to endless castings that I have for the next few hours.

First Nations Fashion Design
via @azaleamodels

12pm – Arrive backstage at Carriageworks for rehearsals with 30 other models. Insanely busy and not speaking loudly unless you’re spoken to. Rehearsals usually go for 30 minutes maybe but we are doing a full run through so it takes an hour. In heels.

First Nations Fashion Design

Beck Hume
Photo: Beck Hume
Beck Hume Runway at MBFWA
via @staceyhendrickson

1pm – Hair and makeup time. This is probably the least stressful part of backstage, even though it takes 2 hours. Sitting getting my hair done listening to the so fresh hits of 2008.

First Nations Fashion Design
via @beck.hume
 3pm – Show time! Run straight out of hair and makeup into first looks. 5 shows tonight and this is only the first one. Lineup with friends and getting ready for the media frenzy that is about to hit us.
Beck Hume BTS at MBFWA
Photo: Chloe Hill

4pm – Second show starts. Running every hour on the hour for 40 minutes.

First Nations Fashion Design

First Nations Fashion Design
Photo: Sonny Vandevelde

9pm – Change out of the looks of the last show. En route to fitting. They are trying to fit 25 girls and 10 boys in 6 hours. I know this one is going to run late so I go grab some dinner and something to entertain me.

11:50pm – Arrive home, wash off the day and jump into bed preparing for the long day tomorrow.

First Nations Fashion Design

My first MBFWA was an incredible experience that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I met so many creative people. Made so many new friends and saw Australia’s creative industry. And I was in the thick of it.


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