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BTS Conversation with an Australian Fashion Designer

What It’s REALLY Like to Work in Fashion According to an Australian Fashion Designer

Ever wondered what it’s really like to work in fashion? As a designer? Life’s full of runway shows, photo shoots and amazing parties. There’s nothing better. Right? Maybe not. We spoke to an Australian fashion designer about what it’s really like to work in the game. Turns out that there’s glamour – yes – that bit’s true. But this conversation with an anonymous designer from a high-end fashion line sets the record straight about what it can be like when you are just starting out with a big label. 

It must be fabulous to be an Australian fashion designer. It seems everyone wants to work in fashion. We’d love to find out more about what goes on behind the scenes. It looks glamorous, but is there a certain amount of pressure within the fashion world?

I get messages all the time telling me how lucky I am because I get to go to all these amazing parties, receive free clothing and style photo shoots. When people say that to me I usually smile and nod so I don’t say something sarcastic.  (She laughs.)

Aren’t all of these amazing perks part of the fashion industry?

Yes, I get to go to all the fashion shoots but I also get to argue with everyone else who has something to say. I usually sit there trying to voice my opinion (since it’s my line) and I watch as the model repeats the same pose 50 times and it becomes mind numbing. I’m thinking about all the other things I could be doing! Honestly sometimes I just can’t!

Surely receiving free clothing must be a massive perk, right?!

I mean… I suppose it would be, it doesn’t happen as often as people think… every now and then we might get a free jumper but people who work in PR are the lucky ones.

Oh, I don’t know if I could have been that patient! Do you feel like sometimes there is a power struggle?

Oh my gosh yes! People will ask for my advice, then decide to do what they want anyway. They then realise that my way is more effective and after an hour of going back and forth they decide to listen to me. Sometimes I’m like, why am I here?!

(We both laugh and she places her head in her hands.)

Do you have an intern that assists you with getting tasks done?

I am the intern, head designer, graphic designer stylist and counsellor most days. I’m that lucky that I even get my boss’s emails. People think we have little interns that go around steaming clothes and getting us coffee.  No, no. I do that!

Having that many titles would be tiring at times! Are there are days when you love your job and others when everything seems like a challenge?

For sure. I do love my job. I get to design and be creative, which I love. And I also laugh everyday which is a perk! No matter what we do in our career we will all have moments. My advice is to  take a moment and maybe remove yourself from the situation. For example, the other day I got up and went to the supermarket in the middle of work. I didn’t need anything in particular. I just needed to leave the office!

Work in Fashion: BTS conversation with a fahsion designer


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