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Breaking The Binary

15 Australian Genderless Fashion Labels

Genderless fashion has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more brands are challenging what traditional ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ fashion looks like. In Australia, gender inclusive designers and innovative fashion labels are at the forefront of the movement, transcending traditional gendered fashion and redefining what it means to dress for your individuality. Meet 15 Australian labels that are embracing gender-neutral fashion and paving the way for a more inclusive and diverse fashion industry.

Clothing The Gaps

Genderless Fashion Labels

Indigenous owned Clothing The Gaps promotes social change while celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through their gender neutral styles. Clothing The Gaps use sustainable materials and ethical production practices when creating their garments which consist of mob-only and ally-friendly tagged t-shirts and jumpers – to ensure there is truly something for everyone. Their sizing ranges between XS-5XL.


Genderless Fashion

Dyspnea is a glittery, gender-inclusive sustainable fashion label founded by TAFE WA textile and design graduates Rachel Motteram and Jameen Zalfen in 2013. Their ready-to-wear range offers sizes XS-4XL, while their custom-made pieces cater to every body – all they need are your measurements, and they’ll take it from there! Dyspnea’s intricate hand-beaded pieces are being rocked on runways by people of all genders.


Genderless fashion label

Challenging gender-norms with their bold and colourful made-to-order pieces is eponymous Melbourne-based brand Erik-Yvon. Their transeasonal designs redefine perceptions of masculinity and femininity and celebrate individuality and self-expression by using bold colours and playful textures for a completely unique look.


Nagnata Genderless Designs

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand Nagnata is sustainably and inclusivity minded. Nagnata combines organic and renewable fibres to produce their unisex knitwear and activewear apparel. Founded by Byron-Bay sisters Laura May and Hannah Gibbs in 2017, their newer SAMA styles are all genderless and described by the brand as “staples of the Nagnata uniform.”


Strateas Carlucci Designs

STRATEAS CARLUCCI’s androgynous approach to luxury modern wardrobe staples focuses on form and structure, not gender. The Melbourne fashion label created in 2013 by collaborators Peter Strateas and Mario-Luca Carlucci has been spotted on many well-known queer Australians, including non-binary artist GFlip and gay singer-songwriter Troye Sivan.

Vincent Li

Vincent Li Studios

Focusing on form and textiles to create modern pieces that have an emphasis on masculinity is eponymous label Vincent Li, a genderless ‘menswear’ brand founded in 2014. Li’s pieces blur the lines between fashion and art, taking a whole new approach to contemporary masculine fashion.


Not for Profit Genderless fashion label

Gender-neutral streetwear brand HoMie (Homelessness of Melbourne Incorporated Enterprise) promotes social activism and community engagement through their high-quality casual clothing. Founded by Nick Pearce, Marcus Crook, and Robbie Gilles in 2015, HoMie’s mission is to support young people experiencing homelessness by breaking down the stigma surrounding the issue.

Jarrod Reid

Genderless Fashion Label Jarod Reid

Challenging the masculine/feminine duality is what Jarrod Reid does best, with his colourful tailored suits and avant-garde dresses. Melbourne-based Reid creates made-to-order custom garments that push the gender binary by focusing on volume and structure. Genderqueer Heartbreak High actor Gemma Chua-Tran and musician Mallrat are amongst some of those spotted wearing Reid’s unique designs.


Genderless Clothing

Gender-neutral circular fashion label A.BCH produces high-quality ready-to-wear and custom unisex clothing with an emphasis on after purchase care. The Melbourne-based brand is sustainable in their product and practice, using only natural and recycled materials in an attempt to reduce their environmental impact, A.BCH is your go-to place for eco-conscious wardrobe staples.


Genderless Clothing

Created by queer multi-disciplinary designer Stephanie Schafer, futuristic, sci-fi inspired fashion label SSCHAFER is revolutionary in the world of genderless fashion. With an emphasis on sustainability, SSCHAFER’S boundary-pushing creations are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, with all materials and trims sourced locally.

Gary Bigeni

Genderless clothing

Sydney-based Gary Bigeni creates made-to-order custom fine art collections, hand-painting his original designs onto ethically sourced eco-cotton. Each piece is unique and sustainably crafted, with his gender-fluid designs focusing on the expression of colour, bright tones are blended with delicate pastels to craft unique one-of-a-kind creations.

Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp

Genderless Fashion

Genderless and size flexible Sydney-based brand Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp empowers all people and bodies through their lacy, frilly, and pastel pieces. Designer Niamh Galea works with mostly second-hand upcycled deadstock and vintage textiles sourced from Australian non-profit organisation Reverse Garbage.

eitan broude

Genderland Fashion brand

Emerging fashion label eitan broude is a sustainable genderless streetwear brand created by TikTok creative Eitan Broude. Created with versatility in mind, each hand-made piece is a wardrobe essential, their popular Squiggle jeans are the perfect foundation to just about any outfit! Broude’s clothing can be seen modelled by all genders on their website

Nowa The Label

Genderless clothing

Modern streetwear brand Nowa The Label, founded in Adelaide in 2018 is made for all, out of 100% sustainable and natural fibres. Nowa The Label has a mission to educate and encourage consumers to rethink fast fashion buying behaviours, promising to always minimise waste during the production of their clothing.

Moss Tunstall

Upcycled Generless Fashion

Melbourne-based sustainable fashion label Moss Tunstall is known for their genderless styles made using second-hand garments. Preowned clothing and textiles are carefully hand-picked from all around Victoria by designer Ajay Jennings. Who says you can’t be stylish and sustainable?

Featured Image by: Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp

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