Blogger Review: Derek Lee on Styling The Lone Horseman Designer Tee


When we asked 3 followers to let us know what they thought of The Lone Horseman designer tee, Adelaide man Derek Lee had a lot to say about styling double denim with the charcoal tee. Here’s his full opinion!

Double denim is a timeless fashion trend that has been tried, tested and revolutionised throughout the ages. A lot of people think wearing denim on denim is a big no no – but when done right, it can look really fresh and cool!

Blogger Dereki Lee styled in The Lone Horseman designer tee

I particularly love wearing double denim when I’m layering up! To me it’s all about how you colour block and what you choose to wear under the denim (or over); the choice in clothing helps break up the denim to make the look work!

I chose to emphasize this look with The Lone Horseman’s charcoal long sleeve tee. People often forget how versatile charcoal is along with basic white and black. It’s just a much softer shade to work with opposed to something so stark. I paired this charcoal tee with a lighter grey scarf to add a bit of contrast and variety; I also wore my trusty all white leather sneakers to add a bit of luxe and pop to my outfit!

bottom half view of Derek Li in his self styled look featuring The Lone Horseman designer tee

Talking about the tee now, I genuinely love it! It’s soft, easy to wear and 100% cotton – so wearing it on a hot day? Easy! It’ll breathe!

Being so light weight, it’s super easy to use as a layer (as I did) and it’s something that you’ll find handy to have in the wardrobe!

Lone Horseman designer tee detail modelled by Derek Li

Derek Li in The Lone Horseman designer tee

Lone Horseman designer tee

Designer Tee: The Lone Horseman

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