The Best Way to Stay on Top of Womens Fashion This Year


Finding it hard to keep up with womens fashion this year? And it’s only April!  Here are the best ways to stay on top of the game in 2019.

Designer Direct

Keen on a few favourite designers? There’s no better way to keep up with what they’re doing than to subscribe to their websites. Womens fashion labels tend NOT to bombard you with spammy emails, so it’s a great way to keep up to date with your favourite designers. Bonus points- most Aussie labels offer a huge discount to newcomers.

A recent email from Arnsdorf

Insta Fashionista

There’s possibly no greater gift to womens fashion at the moment than Instagram. The single best way to find out about new brands and fashion labels, its also a good way to keep on top of the very latest news and gossip in the industry. A quick and fun way to shop too! You can check out Cocktail Revolution’s Instagram page here.

Facebook Fashionista

Every established fashion house in the world, including Australia gets their news out via Facebook. They took years to grow their Facebook communities to big numbers, so now they’re nurturing those communities. It’s a wealth of information and an easy way to keep up! Here’s ours!

Cocktail Revolution's Facebook Page

You View

There are literally countless fashion channels on YouTube documenting all the latest runways around the world. From YouTube’s Fashion Channel to the big designer labels like Chanel, you need never miss an international runway show. It’s all there for the viewing!

Womens Fashion Mags

It’s been said that most magazines are out of date these days, before they’re even back from the printers. Truth be told, womens fashion followers still have a thing for those glossy larger than life images. Unlike many of the other platforms for women’s fashion, this is one medium that can remain on the coffee table for a happy browse, over and over.

Women's Fashion magazine covers





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