Thursday, July 29, 2021

Backstage at the National Graduate Showcase – VAMFF

Always attracting a capacity crowd, the National Graduate Showcase is one of the highlights of the Melbourne Fashion Festival. It’s a show of creativity unrestrained by the need for commercial success . It’s fashion creativity at its best. Handpicked graduates from RMIT, the Whitehouse Institute of Design and the University of Technology in Sydney showcased their designs in  VAMFF’s penultimate runway show.

Graduates featured were:

Tara Miranne Bailey – University of Technology Sydney

Victoria Bliss- RMIT

Rochelle Bramich- Whitehouse Institute of Design

Meredith Bullen – University of Technology Sydney

Zhuxuan He – University of Technology Sydney

Stephanie Henly – RMIT

Talia Jimenez – University of Technology Sydney

Tony Lee – University of Technology Sydney

Sarah Hope Schofield – RMIT

William Thi – RMIT

Nehma Vitols – University of Technology Sydney

Natalie Vladimirof – University of Technology Sydney

While we bought you live feeds on story from the runway, photographer Dimitra Koriozos went backstage to capture the preparation BTS.

DSC_1103DSC_0414DSC_0484 DSC_0279samantha_harris_melbourne_fashion_week DSC_0474DSC_0246DSC_0224DSC_0372DSC_1023DSC_1022DSC_0468DSC_0540DSC_0520DSC_0600-2DSC_0989DSC_1115DSC_1127DSC_0981DSC_1125DSC_1138DSC_1029DSC_0954DSC_1085-2DSC_1076DSC_1095 DSC_1049DSC_0986DSC_0604DSC_0660DSC_0645DSC_0932DSC_0923DSC_0640DSC_0893DSC_0861DSC_0829DSC_0790DSC_0803DSC_0561DSC_0504DSC_0741DSC_0732DSC_0524 (1)

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