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Amazing Vibe at Ebenezer Night Markets Adelaide

Ebenezer Night Markets Adelaide

We love a good vibe, and we’ve found it at the Ebenezer Night Markets at Adelaide’s East End of town. We first discovered these markets a couple of summers ago and are excited that they are returning over the next 6 weeks to our favourite part of town.

Adelaide’s perfect, balmy summer nights seem to be specially ordered for the Friday or Saturday nights when the markets are held. The pretty, up-market laneway of Ebenezer Place gives off a relaxed vibe as crowds mill under hanging, festoon street lights. Browsing at fashion and artisan craft stalls is irresistible! Popular, quality food stalls showcasing some of the best produce for which Adelaide is famous do a brisk trade, while the whole area seems to sway in time with gently pumping DJ beats.

We’d love to name our favourite stalls, but there’s such a variety from week to week that you’re never quite sure from one week to the next exactly who’s going to be there. Jewellery, vegan donuts, belts, clothing, soaps, retro wares, art and home-made ice-creams are just some of the goodies available. It’s both surprising and delightful and keeps us coming back. Not only is there a lot to see, there’s also a lot to do!

From mid-Feb, Adelaide’s hugely successful Fringe Festival will coincide with the Ebenezer Night Markets giving a complete festival feel to the whole East End. There’s absolutely no better place to be in Adelaide at that time – it’s simply electric!

Let’s put it this way, the Ebenezer Night Markets are so good, they‘ve just been awarded “BEST COMMUNITY EVENT OF THE YEAR” by the City of Adelaide. Enough Said??

Pick one or all of the following dates and we’ll see you there after 5.30pm! You can’t miss us. We’re the hopeless people-watchers!!

For visitors to Adelaide, you’ll find the Ebenezer Night Markets at Ebenezer Place, running between Union Street and Rundle Street East.

Photos: Matt Miles







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