All Things Trending – New York Street Style


With New York Fashion Week in full swing, we’re in street style heaven. There’s almost too much incredible style and too many emerging trends to report on, but we’ve managed to round up some standouts for the week. Starting with…

International Street Style Moment…

This gorgeous pair, spotted by Fashionista on day four of NYFW easily take out our international street style moment of the week. What’s the perfect antidote to gloomy weather? Saffron yellow, clearly.

All things trending New York street style

Sure, it might be hard to think about the cooler months while we’re experiencing a scorching Australian summer, but the NYFW coverage we’ve seen is giving us all the winter inspo we need. If the style set’s eagerness to embrace trends like bright knits and teddy bear coats is anything to go by, we think we have a good idea what our streets will look like come wintertime.

All things trending New York street style

All things trending New York street style

Special nod to this fashion week attendee, showing us how to rock the silver trend and serving futuristic fashion fierceness (trying saying that one quickly fives times!)

All things trending New York street style

Trending Accessory…

Virgil Abloh’s tongue-in-cheek designs are being worn by so many show-goers this season, we’re almost forgetting that these were meant to be statements pieces.

All things trending New York street style

Eye-roll inducing or sartorial sass at its best? *Cue Instagram celebrity walking by with “UP FOR DEBATE” emblazoned messenger bag*

Local Trends…

We’re not in the least bit shocked that Melbourne locals are dressing head to toe in black. We are, however, a little surprised that after spotting so many all-black ensembles over the years, they still manage to look so good.

All things trending New York street style

Elsewhere on the colour wheel, head to toe off-white chic-ness also proves to be a timeless winner. Locals street stylers seem to be picking a hue and sticking to it. Perhaps they’re making room for the colour explosion we’re predicting the winter will bring?

All things trending New York street style

International Street Styler We Love… @phoebelovatt

London born Phoebe Lovatt is a journalist, moderator and founder of the hugely inspiring @wwclub. Her feed offers plenty in the way of signature British style, gems of wisdom about the industry she navigates so well and a healthy dose of Monica Bellucci throwback pics.

Queen of perfecting the freelance work-life balance, Phoebe encourages getting into the zone by putting a boss spin on your daily look even if you’ve ditched the 9-5.

Look out for more of the latest street style news and trends next week!


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