African Australians Up-The-Ante in Style


African-Australians are upping the ante in the Australian style and fashion stakes.  Monochrome-averse,  men and women AA fashionistas celebrate colour as if it were sourced in a fire-sale.  That’s not to say it looks cheap. It doesn’t. It looks like a million dollars.

Photos snapped at the annual Miss South Sudan Beauty Pageant and other events at the Springvale South Community Centre in outer Melbourne have always showcased this community at its most stylish and its most photogenic. We’re not just talking about the ladies on parade. Everyone from the MC to the event organizer turns out decked out to the nines, with absolute class as well as style sense.  Everyone looks good!  There are no fashion fails. And everyone is wearing what suits them rather than merely what’s trending at the moment. But there’s plenty of that too! It’s obvious that diversity rules in the style stakes at the moment!

Our photographer Les Brown has been covering this event for years. Some of his photos from this event were included in our earliest fashion galleries and two fashionistas from the Arican Australian community photographed at the community centre in the past won the monthly vote for favourite style and fashion look at the time.  They each won $500!  Sarah Lodongo from Victoria was snapped by photographer Les at a function in March 2013. Here’s the photo of her that was voted as favourite style and fashion for that month.

Girl in Aqua Blue mini dress and matching blue platform shoes

Earlier that year, student nurse Wanding Paul Pouk from the Northern Territory was snapped at a function he was attending in Melbourne. He won the vote for favourite style and fashion for January 2013 and is probably our only winner so far from the Northern Territory.

man wearing dark sunglasses, diamond earing, pink shirt with vest, tie, blue chinos

Back to 2015 and the styles have of course updated, as have the fashions. We’re excited to share these newest photos of the stylish, from the latest gathering in Springvale South. Photos –  thanks to Les Brown and the Miss South Sudan Facebook Page.







woman in pink evening dress

Girl wearing strapless black top vibrant red print skirt

Organiser of the event this year: Tanyia

Organiser of the event this year: Tanyia

You can catch more photos on the Miss South Sudan Pageant’s Facebook page.  If you know of a stylish community we’d love to showcase more of their photos! Diversity rocks!


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