Adelaide Fashion Festival: People Watching at the Runway


Always looking for that perfect, authentic street style shot, our cameras are focussed on the fasionistas attending the runway shows at the Adelaide Fashion Festival. And what they are doing.

We love the runway fashions. But as we are people watchers,  while everyone else is watching the runway, we’re watching the people watching the show.

So, along with our usual unposed fashionista snaps, we’re delighted to also share with you our runway snaps of a different kind. Our street style coverage of the 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival reflects what the fashionistas -not the models – are wearing, to watch the runway shows.

  • #2015AFF #2015AFF#2015AFFFashionista_11Cimon_cocktail_revolutionFashionista_13Fashionista_14Fashionistas_1fashionistas_10fashionista_9Fashionistas_selfieFilxiaobai_cocktail_revolution Fashionista_3 Cat_Southern Madam_Joel Runway Front_Row woman_bending Front_Row_2 crowd_darkFront_Row_photosfrow_2#2015_AFF_Lindy_Klim#2015AFF_Bloggers_Runway#2015AFF_Runway_1#2015AFF_runway_bloggersBack_Rowwatching the people watching the runwayDSC08543Front_Row_fashionistas_runway_#2015AFFFront_Row_fashionistasshoes_cocktailrevolution

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