Adelaide Fashion Festival: Couture Runway at Fashion Central


When the organisers of the 2015 Adelaide Fashion Festival decided to locate “Fashion Central” in an inner city Adelaide park, it was a stroke of genius.  Fringed by shady trees and a matter of steps to Fashion HQ at the Mantra hotel, the location breathed ambiance as much as it did convenience.  Fashionistas with tickets to the sold-out runway shows arrived and socialized over a drop or two of bubbly while they waited. Photographers (and selfi-tographers) clicked away faster than a pair of Spanish castanets.

Scheduled as an afternoon matinee, the time of day was completely irrelevant to the fans of the designers showing at Couture Runway. The elegance and beauty of the gowns on the runway were elevated by the obvious style and discerning dress sense of those who had come to see them.  Many in the audience came dressed for evening cocktails rather than for a 2pm matinee.  All this mixed with the fashion designers’ market stalls and patrons and there you have it: Fashion Central! As it was, our photographer, usually pounding the pavements looking for that special street style shot, was this time spoiled for choice between the gorgeous gowns on the runway and the gorgeous fashionistas attending, along with the gorgeous designers manning their stalls, as you’ll see below.

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courture collection2015_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_22015_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_25Courture_Runway_#2015AFFrunway_modelsAdelaide_Fshion_fest_8Courture_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_22Courture_Collection_2015_Adelaide_Fashion_festival_23Courture_Collection_2015_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_24couture collection on the runwayRunway_view_2015_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_21Photographers_Adealide_Fashion_Festival_2015Street_style_Adelaide_fashion_fest_92015 Adelaide Fashion Festival Hindmarsh squarefashionista_Adelaide_fshion_festival_12Designers_Market_Adelaide_fashion_festival_14Fashionistas_Designers_Market_Adealide_Fashion_FEstival_2015_16#2015Adelaidefashionfestival_13Fashionista_2015_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_19Fashionistas_Adelaide_Fashion_Festival_15Fashion_Designers_Adelaide_fashion_Fest_10Playsuite_Adelaide_fashion_fest_11

-Header photo: Meghan Coles


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