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Love food but always on a diet? Olga Millar found some amazing accessories that she’s excited to share with you.  These cute “Accessory Treats” are so quirky they also make great gifts for any of your friends who love food too!

If you like all types of sweets and deserts as much as me, you’d know how hard it is to stop consuming them. And yes, which one of us hasn’t looked at that chocolate mud cake or a macaron and said to themselves: “ok, just one more, and tomorrow I will go on a diet, start training, whatever …” Yet there is always that pleasant sugary voice whispering to you: Eaaaaaat meeeee!!! So I came up with the idea of a diet and called it: “Don’t eat it, wear it!” Now I am about to introduce a yummiest accessories that you can wear and not feel guilty!

macaron key ringWho doesn’t like macaroons? We all do, right?! But do all of you know that the famous French macaron brand Ladurée, apart from making the delicious deserts also makes the irresistible bag charms/key rings? Have a look at these beauties, they surely scream: “Attach me to your boring handbag!” The key rings come in a great variety of colours and are available from Ladurée shop or online.

Chocolate Make Up bag accessory treatsPut your chocolate bar in the fridge and get your new chocolate make up bag instead! That’s right, this fantastic piece not only looks exactly like chocolate, it smells like it, and feels like it too!!! Isn’t that brilliant? You can also use it comfortably as a statement clutch. Available from Piq.

Next are these adorable socks I found on Asos that are so cute that I think they are in competition with the cuteness of the cupcakes themselves! They would look great with your cosy pajamas as well as black stilettos Prada style!

cup cake socks

Of course, we have to have jewelry mixed in somehow! Have a look at this miniature cake statement ring by Q-pot! It is so realistic, I am struggling to stare at it without drooling. All jewelry by Q-pot is made in Japan crafted with care, quality and satisfied all my candy love needs! And check out their strawberry whipped cream brooch! Wasn’t that supposed to be on a plate with a cup of coffee?

Hony Dew Melon Cake Ring

strawberry whipped cream brooch accessories

Love your jam on toast? How about a whole jam jar hanging of your shoulder? I absolutely adore this cross body felt bag hand made by the talented designers from krukrustudio available from etsy. It comes in different colours and sizes. Mine is a large one in red already on order and waiting to be shown off on a cooler winter day with a cashmere coat! Absolute stunner and head turner!

accessories Jam Jar bag

accessories jam jar shoulder bagNow it’s time to accessorize our beloved phones with yummy jellies and ice creams from Mowgen! This website will introduce you to the world of decoden and kawaii which is already winning the hearts of fashionistas in Asia and all over the world. You can order a customized phone cover or DIY with all the products sold on the website. Although the cases are quite bulky they are still adorable and at the end of the day do we really care about practical side of things when it comes to fashion?

Food Phone Case

How could I forget scarf lovers? This ceiling scarf by Altea is probably my favorite piece! It is for those of you who are monochrome lovers with a twist. How many Cornettos have you consumed in your life? It’s a legend of an ice cream! And here we are- it’s right there printed on a monochrome striped scarf! Absolutely unmissable and a must have. It’s classy enough to wear to work and yummy enough to keep you smiling! Currently available from Bloomingdales.

Ice cream scarf - food accessoriesWe have come to the end of my post so it has to end with a bang, doesn’t it?! I know we are coming into our cold season and don’t show as much skin now, but what a great idea have the guys from tattify come up with? Have a milkshake or a donut on your body! You can even lick it if you want, as weird as that sounds, without any calorie addition to your body! These are temporary tattoos that are designed by the real tattoo artists and are a wonderful alternative to getting those regretful tatts!

food tatoo quirky accessories

food tatoo quirky accessories donutAnd on this note fashionistas, I am off to have a hot chocolate!


-Olga Millar




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