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Accessorising Your Street Style Look: 6 Must-Have Items

Essentials for Top Street Style

With Fashion Week now over, everyone’s still checking out the latest street style from Australia’s biggest fashion event. How about you? Does your street style look need a lift? Well, there’s no better way to complete your outfit than by adding the right accessories that can lift a look from lame to game in the blink of an eye.

Knowing what’s trending is key. Catching all the latest street wear looks from around the world can help, but it can also be overwhelming. With originality and individuality being the biggest style trend right now, it can be hard to visualise what will or won’t work for the rest of us.  

We’ve taken the hard yards out of working out what are the latest style trends and have put together a list of six must-have accessories from top brands that will help deliver your street style cool.

If you’re into turning heads, pick any of these bad boys to lift your street style game.

What is Street Style?

Street wear as a style began with the popularity of punk rockers, rappers and skateboarders,  as a form of self-expression that originated from the streets, as opposed to high-end fashion houses.

It’s characterised by its trendy, effortless and casual appearance and often takes the form of loose-fitting pants, graphic T-shirts, oversized hoodies and baggy jeans. It can also incorporate large typography, prominent logos and bold graphics.

Although it was born and first popularised in the USA, there are now many clothing stores in Australia that sell a wide range of street style brands such as Carhartt WIP including Maplestore.

These days street wear has broadened with the style being adopted by people turning up at the biggest fashion events around the world. Mixing tees or oversized hoodies with high-end fashion is now a thing. The outfits worn daily in the streets have morphed into head turning style, street style.

Important Street Style accessories

Overall, street style is not just about the clothing, it is also about the accessories and no look is complete without one or more of the following…

1. Sneakers

woman crossing the street in black coat and white sneakers

Sneakers are an important part of any street style look. Not only are they comfortable to wear and can be paired with any outfit you put on, but the brands you wear can make a major statement about your identity, affiliations and rebelliousness.

When it comes to kicks, pick brands that have bold colours, use quality materials and will get you noticed.

Adidas, Nike and Vans are some of the biggest players in the sneakers market.

 2. Baseball Caps & Beanies

street style Melbourne

Baseball caps and beanies are another must-have street style accessory to incorporate into your style game.

No look is complete without one, as it adds a splash of personality that will set you apart.

The great thing about baseball caps and beanies is that they are practical. Not only do they provide warmth or sun protection but they are also very handy on bad hair days while pairing up well with anything you wear.  

Whether you choose a snapback or a cosy beanie is up to you. However, you’d be well advised to plump for Norse Projects, Burberry and New Era for the former or Fjällräven, Neff and Acne Studios for the latter.

And don’t go past beanies for a cause. Beanies for brain Cancer research is a thing!

3. Sunglasses

Street Style Sydney
Image: Maree Turk

Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to your street style outfit and can take your ensemble to a much higher level of cool.

There are lots of different types around, including wayfarers and aviators, which were the OG styles back in the day. So, just pick one you like that best suits your face. Try to find something with unique lens colours and bold frames that will really make a statement.

Plenty of brands are out there vying for your street-style dollar, including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford and Carrera. And don’t forget Australian brands. Just make sure you pick one that provides you with the best protection from harmful UV rays.

4. Jewellery

The Importance of Personal Style

It’s amazing what a bit of bling can do for your look. Rings, chains, pendants and earrings can all add instant gravitas that can give your appearance a gritty ‘look-at-me’ edge.

Back in the 80s the Beastie Boys inspired millions of street-stylers by wearing chains featuring the Volkswagen (VW logo). Today, silver or gold pieces with unique materials and designs that give off similar bold and badass vibes work well. Not sure where to start? Try looking at Australian jewellery brands.

5. Bags

Bags have become an important part of street style because not only are they stylish, but they also are functional in carrying around all our stuff

We all know bags come in several different sizes and types, but for street style, backpacks, shoulder bags and totes are the most popular choices.

Again, picking one with bold and brash designs is the way to go, although oversized is very much in right now.

The likes of Snow Peak, And Wander, TITUS, and Supreme are all major brands to consider.

6. Watches

Best Australian Street Style 2024
Image: Maree Turk

Last but not least is the watch.

A good timepiece is an excellent street-style accessory which can refresh an otherwise drab look in a more understated way.

Traditionally, chunky, old-style watches with two hands have been the go-to for men, while women have adopted thinner bands. However, in recent years, digital ticks with loud designs and stand-out colours have grown in popularity.

When it comes to brands, some of the major players to consider include stalwarts like Casio, Timex, Nixon and G-Shock that have solid reputations in the street-style space.

Featured Image by Maree Turk Australian Fashion Week 2024.

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