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Cocktail Revolution is all about diversity in fashion. Photographing the authentic street style of diverse people in Australian streets, Cocktail Revolution has been documenting changing style and fashion choices since 2012. Cocktail Revolution is ranked in the top 3 “Street Fashion” sites on the internet and is known for  capturing amazing, authentic style in Australian city streets. In doing so, Cocktail Revolution promotes Australian fashion labels, local retailers and people involved in fashion.  We have worked with a range of independent Australian fashion labels along with the Australian Fashion Council and the Melbourne Fashion Festival. We've covered the style of people attending the major fashion festivals around the country, from Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. We started in 2012 in response to the lack of coverage of diverse Australian faces by the mainstream fashion media. Our version of diversity includes all genders, body shapes, abilities and of course all ethnicities. We have always embraced diversity. It’s why we do what we do. Our team has been promoting diversity long before the Black Lives Matter Movement errupted in 2020 and way, way before the protests of the Vogue Challenge. Photographing diverse and stylish young people in city streets who were not professional models and not pre-prepared in any way, we've captured  some of the most individual and original style you'd never see anywhere else.  In the process, Cocktail Revolution has come to be recognised as a leading street style and  fashion platform for Australian fashion labels. In 2019 Cocktail Revolution was ranked in the top 4 street fashion blogs in the world by a California based marketing research company. Currently Cocktail Revolution ranks #3 Street Fashion Blog on the net. In the world of fashion magazines and street style blogs, it's a kind of gentle revolution. More of a Cocktail Revolution, firmly focussed as we are on the people who want to look good wearing Australian fashion brands. Extending our coverage into lifestyle matters that interest young, diverse Australians, we're also now covering places to go and sustainable ways of living, dressing and eating.  We're serious about protecting the planet, that's why you won't find us on paper! Cocktail Revolution is a strictly digital platform.       
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