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Why 500 Fashionistas Turned Up to See Paige Rowe’s Latest Collection

Why 500 Fashionistas Turned Up to See Paige Rowe’s Latest Collection

When a local designer manages to attract over 500 people to view her latest runway collection, you get the feeling that this is just the beginning of something special.  We spoke to some of the 500 attending Paige Rowe’s S/S 2018 launch and asked them why they were there.

One of the reasons why 500 fashinistas turned up to see Paige Rowes's latest collection

Anna, Hospitality

What an exciting night. Very successful. I loved the fashions.  The models had real woman body shapes and sizes and I could see myself wearing some of the outfits.  It was amazing to see so many different looks (30) put together from around a dozen pieces.  I think she’s very talented and designs to make women who wear her clothes feel comfortable but stylish at the same time.

Paige Rowe 2017

Kassim, Student

Been following Paige Rowe since she started. Paige’s designs are relatable designs to what every woman can wear and suits more casual to formal occasions. Tonight’s designs were a lot more relaxed but still with classic styling. I really like her combination of prints and her asymmetical cuts.  Very good use of space and lighting tonight in a very good venue.

Paige Rowe with 500 fashionistas at 2017 launch

Stef, Model

Tonight’s runway offering was fantastic. I’ve been friends with Paige for a while now because I do some of her smaller shows, modelling for her. I get to wear her clothes. I’ve brought my mum here to support a South Australian fashion icon because I love her clothes. It’s really great to see that she followed her dreams.  All of the whites and the long flowy stuff she does is just amazing. I really enjoyed it, she’s such a great person.

Jackie, Retail

I find Paige’s collections just great every season.  Just the way it’s so versatile. You can buy a few key pieces and it’ll give you 4 or 5 outfits out of her collection. Tonight the venue that she held it in was just great with a lot of space so you could really see the collections, you really got to see each individual outfit without them being rushed off the runway.

Paige Rowe 2017

Mel, Model

I have been working for Paige Rowe, modelling,  for the last two years which means four seasons. I think her clothes are catering very much to all women and all different shapes and sizes. They are very comfortable to wear, but I love the way they are layered. Lots of different layers and  you don’t show that off when you’re walking, it’s not so obvious.  When you see the clothes you have to look at it to work out what layering is happening but it’s very flattering and I think the long lines make it very flattering too. Paige is just amazing.

Paige Rowe launch 2017

Tina, Blogger

I think that the variety of models was brilliant, they weren’t all skinny.  It was more realistic. The clothes were quite diverse and they all had a little bit of her in every single one of them which I really liked. I was surprised with what I saw tonight because I hadn’t researched Paige Rowe before I came here tonight. A lot of it was modest and tasteful, so I reallly enjoyed watching it. I liked that they had a range of ages too, there was a model in her forties and she was just killing it!

Paige Rowe 2017 launch

Paige launched her S/S 2018 collection at the Old Regent Cinema in Adelaide.

Photos: Alice Healy



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