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These 5 Trenchcoats Will Have you Set for Winter

Womens Fashion Must Have

Trench coats are a womens fashion staple. Especially come winter, you’ll be reaching for these belted, double breasted raincoats on the regular. As a trending womens fashion item right now, there are numerous styles to choose from. Find one that suits you just right.

1. Don’t Mess With the Classics

Trenchcoats are a womens fashion staple ATM
L-R:  @lolitamas   @claartjerose
Classic fashion style via the basic trenchcoat

It’s tried and tested but still stands the test of time. The classic trench coat is no stranger to the fashion world. Its long-lined, relaxed fit has made it a womens fashion favourite. Tan and navy variations are perfect for trench newbies. As the weather cools down, layer a hoodie underneath and wear a pair of cuffed pants with some brogues or boots. Perfect with a hint of pattern,  pair it with plaid for a fail-safe combination.

2. Pretty Please Patterns

Trenchcoats are a womens fashion staple ATM
L-R: @itscocolouise  Anna Enriquez
Patterned trenchcoats are increasingly popular

Gingham, animal print, plaid, what can’t a trench coat do? This multitalented outerwear can be rocked in a bold pattern. Stand out against the sea of black workwear in winter with a bright and eye-catching trench. Cosy up with a basic turtleneck and sheer tights. It’s the easiest way to make a fashion statement.

3. Don’t Rain On My Parade

Trenchcoats are a womens fashion staple ATM
L-R:   @styleddestination   @thegirlwholivedforclothes
Trenchcoat style raincoats are a big womens fashion tend in shiny plastic

Rain protector? Check. Shiny and cute? Double check. Escape the drizzle with a patent trench coat. A shiny black trench will give you an effortless day-to-night look. Think heeled boots and slicked back hair. A bright pop of colour will freshen up your fashion look while keeping you toasty dry. You might even start wanting it to rain on your parade.

4. Tuck Me In

Trenchcoats are a womens fashion staple ATM
L-R: @aimeesong      @breenaumowicz

If you’re stuck on what to wear underneath your trench, fear no more. The double-breasted style of the coat and its thick belt will do the hard work for you! Simply button yourself in and cinch in your waist by pulling the belt in and tying a knot. Wear with a pair of wide-legged pants and you’re good to go! An envious womens fashion look with minimum effort.

5. Tickle Me Pink (and Yellow, Blue, Green…)

Trenchcoats are a womens fashion staple ATM
L-R:  @aimeesong   @mystyleperspective
Bright pink trenchcoat

Your dreams have been answered. You can get trench coats in every colour of the rainbow. An instant statement piece, coloured trenches just ooze confidence. Build your outfit around it. Start with a monochrome look or clash it against a striking pattern. Both are hot in womens fashion right now. The hardest part is deciding on what palette to go with… we’ll take one in every colour please.


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