5 Accessories Every woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe


Womens Fashion

The world of womens fashion can be hard to keep up with sometimes. Amidst micro seasons and ever-changing trends, it’s easy for even the most seasoned fashionista to feel overwhelmed. The remedy? Build up a collection of timeless accessories to tie together any outfit. These are our top picks for the modern Australian woman.

 Classic Handbag

 First things first. A woman’s handbag is not just about womens fashion. It is actually, an extension of her personality. We lug them everywhere, fill them with odds and ends (three different shades of lipstick and every bobby pin you’ve ever lost, anyone?) and feel naked without them. Make sure yours counts. At the moment we’re loving anything with a boxy briefcase design that will take you effortlessly from the office to the pub.

The "boxy" handbag, an essential accessory

Image L: Adlong Goods Image R: Jeanne Damas

Silk Scarf

This womens fashion staple will never go out of style. In summer, brighten up a simple outfit by wearing it in your hair. In winter, polish off your look by tying it loosely around your neck. Whether you invest in a new design or rifle through second-hand stores for a bargain that will probably cost you less than your morning cup of coffee is up to you. Either way, it will add a touch of elegance to your ensemble every time.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

 A stylish essential for every season. Whether you’re warding off summer rays at the beach or throwing them on with your trench coat and umbrella on a rainy day, these are sure to add a vintage flair to even the most modern outfit. If it’s good enough for Brigitte Bardot, it’s good enough for us.

cat eye sunglasses, one of 5 essential accessories for the modern womans wardrobe

Image L: Lilyana Aris Image R: Zanita photographed by India Hartford Davis

Statement Rings

Every woman needs a couple of statement rings that never leave her fingers. Bonus points if they’re sentimental pieces, but you can just as easily pawn off a brand new find as something that your grandmother gave you. Whether you’re a fan of gold or silver (or both, why limit yourself?), layer them and match them to the rest of your jewellery.

Statement rings

Images: Pinterest Candy Room

Lace Up Boots

While we’re always ride or die for our favourite pair of heels, there’s nothing like the versatility of a flat pair of lace ups.  Pick the right ones and they’ll never go out of fashion.  From brogues to Doc Martens, their androgynous appeal will enhance any look. Pair them with a floaty, feminine dress for a more relaxed vibe, or don them with your favourite blazer to make a statement. Lace-ups help rock womens fashion.

lace up boots

Image L: Louise Follain Image R: Mia Green


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