20 Reasons Why Your Taylor is Your Friend: Part 2


Clare Sheng runs The Fitting Room on Edward Street in Brisbane, a men’s tailoring and alternations service.  Clare wrote to us with a humorous little take on why your tailor is your best friend.  Amused, we’ve  already posted her top 10 reasons why your taylor is your friend. Here are her next 20! Just as amusing, we think!  Here’s why Clare says your tailor is your friend …Part 2!

Your Tailor Is Your Friend8

20 Reasons Why Your Taylor is Your Friend

#1. You will start to seek out formal events to wear your numerous suits.

#2. You become familiar with your dry cleaner.

#3. You look forward to colder days to wear your coats, hats and gloves.

#4. You start drinking whisky.

#5. You start to visit a proper barber regularly.

#6. You start to look after your skin.

#7. You start to include clothing and grooming into your monthly budget.

#8. You start working out more to look even better in your suits.

#9. You begin to understand the power of appearance.

#10. Your peers will respect and listen to you more.

Your Tailor Is Your Friend7

#11. Your boss will take more notice of what you have to say.

#12. You are more likely to get upgrades on flights and hotels.

#13. When you go shopping for clothes, you dictate what you want to buy, not the assistant.

#14. People will remember you more, even after meeting you only once.

#15. You become familiar with different types of fabrics on suits.

#16. You understand what are pleats, vents and braces.

#17. You will reconsider the hem and sleeves length on all the garments you already own.

#18. You start investing in pocket squares, cufflinks and other accessories that will change the look of your outfit.

#19.Friends and colleagues will start asking you for style advice.

#20.You don’t have to worry about not finding something that fits off the rack, because your tailor is your best friend.



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