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10 Fashion Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Fashion Hacks

From how to deal with a full-on #fashionemergency to how you can build your wardrobe without costing the planet, these 10 fashion hacks might be the best style advice you ever see.

1. Wine Not

Our favourite kind of fashion hacks are ones that prove more wine is always a good idea. Spilling a glass of pinot noir on your party outfit doesn’t have to mean the end of your evening out. While there are a number of ways to tend to red wine stains at home, your options at a boozy event are a little more limited. The solution? Grab a glass of white. White wine can neutralise red wine stains, so you’ll be able to party in on without looking like you the world’s strangest tie-dye piece.

syle tricks

2. Freeze Fix

Giving new meaning to the ‘winter wardrobe,’ this hack utilises the power of low temperatures to keep your garments looking their best. Afraid of unnecessary denim fading or shrinkage from overwashing? Storing your jeans in the freezer removes odour, prevents fading and even kills some bacteria – though not all. You can also prevent your favourite sweaters from shedding this way.

3. Weighed Down

As the weather gets cooler the winds get stronger and Marilyn moments start to become an everyday event. That is, unless you weigh your hemline down. This is rumoured to be one of the British royals’ favourite fashion hacks, with the family tailors sewing weights into every dress hem. Unless you also have the good fortune of having your own seamstress, you can simply use stick-on hemline weights.

Summer fashion hacks

4. Straighten It Out

As the lazier fashion lovers among us understand, our clothing choices often end up being limited to whatever doesn’t require ironing. That doesn’t mean we don’t want our shirt collars to look their sharpest though. The ultimate in lazy girl fashion hacks is to “iron” your colours or any pesky but easy to reach clothing creases with your hair straightener. 

Need something a little stronger for your collars and cuffs? Use your hair straightener!

5. Swap Til You Drop

A sustainable way to spruce up your wardrobe and help someone else do the same, all without spending a cent, is to arrange or attend a clothes swap. You can even make it a fun social for your friends or a networking event to reach out to people in your industry. Without the guilt of buying new and the financial restrictions, you can swap til you drop.

Sustainable fashion hacks

6. Lost Property

We all know the frustration of losing an earring backing, nose piercing or any other teeny tiny accessory. Good news is, you no longer have to get on all floors and wildly sweep your arms across the floor of your bedroom in search for your lost goods. Simply secure the end of a stocking to the hose of your vacuum cleaner and prepare to find your lost treasure.

7. Heat Treatment

Skip the painful process of breaking in a new pair of shoes by wearing them with thick socks and blasting your feet with a hairdryer. Run the drier over the shoes until you get the desired level of flexibility, then turn it off and take a walk until they cool down. Be warned, this only works on natural materials!

8. Ladder Stop

An oldie but a goldie. Ladders in hosiery might have been acceptable or even desirable during your emo-inspired style phase in high school – but we dare say this has passed. If you notice a small snag in your brand new tights, fear not. Apply some clear nail polish to the edges of the run and it will quickly dry the frayed edges and prevent the nylon from splitting further.

Fashion hacks for ladders in tighs

9. Hem Stopper

Catch your hem on the edge of the drawer just as your’re leaving? Quickly hold that pesky hem in place with a snip of sticky tape. It can hold almost forever. 

10. Odour Eater

Stylish but stinky sneakers can kill in ways you’d rather they didn’t. Stop that bad odour simply by dusting them with baking soda. The soda eats up the odour without damaging your favourite footwear!

White sneakers may form oneof the basics in your capsule wardrobe

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